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Western State Design is pleased to announce DexterPay, Dexter Laundry’s latest vended laundry innovation. DexterPay is a state-of-the-art cashless mobile app that simplifies the vended laundry process—for operators and customers alike.

Here’s how it works: using their mobile device, customers download the app from the App Store or Google Play and sign in with their email and a password. They then follow the easy interactive menu, entering their location and machine number, along with cycle options. They select a secure payment method of their choice—MC, Visa, Discover, Apple Pay or Google Pay—and start the machine. They can then track the progress of their laundry load(s) in real time, right from their mobile device!

DexterPay does not involve any upfront costs, annual fees or machine modifications. It works seamlessly with all C Series controls connected to the DexterLive network. Dexter vended laundry operators can sign up for the service through their DexterLive account or by contacting a WSD Laundry Expert.

Advantages for Laundromat Owners

  • Save time counting cash
  • No upfront costs or annual fees
  • Does away with coin jams, reducing equipment downtime
  • Reduces the opportunity for theft or vandalism
  • Pricing flexibility can help you manage busy and quiet periods
  • Ability to upsell customers who aren’t limited by cash on hand
  • Attracts new customers looking for a cashless option
  • Use your DexterPay customer lists to optimize your marketing efforts
  • Integration with DexterLive for full reporting

Advantages to Coin Op Customers

  • Convenient—no need to scramble to find coins
  • Promotional and loyalty discounts
  • Custom cycle options right within the app
  • Wash cycle real time tracking and alerts – means customers can go about their business while their laundry is in progress.

DexterPay is another in a long line of free upgrades offered by Dexter Laundry since the introduction of its C-Series in 2014. Unlike other laundry equipment manufacturers, Dexter continually improves and upgrades customers’ existing machines, without requiring additional equipment purchases. Even Dexter machines purchased before 2014 can be upgraded to support DexterLive and DexterPay. This is one more good reason to invest in Dexter commercial washers and dryers: they are not only reliable, durable, attractive, and easy to use, their manufacturer is committed to improving their performance over the long run.

DexterPay will be available to all DexterLive customers starting on August 5, 2019. For additional information, please contact a WSD Laundry Expert.