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Job Options, Inc. (JOI), a client who provides laundering services to large local hospitals, recently engaged Western State Design to replace their older commercial laundry equipment that could no longer meet plant production requirements. JOI selected WSD based on their excellent experience working with WSD at another one of their facilities.

The WSD team specified and installed state-of-the-art Milnor laundry equipment:

  • (1) Milnor Pulse Flow 76039-08 Tunnel Washer with MP1640 Single-Stage Press
  • Two-Cake Shuttle
  • (4) Milnor 6464 350 lb. Dryers 

JOI is pleased that the new equipment’s performance is consistent with its commitment to increased energy efficiency and reduced water usage:

  • Water usage dropped by half
  • Energy usage decreased
  • Drying time decreased by 8 minutes per load
  • Poundage processed increased by 30%

The new equipment is customized to the client’s specifications which makes it simple to operate and maintain. Ease of use is critical because the equipment is operated by a team that includes employees with disabilities. 

JOI’s mission is “to provide real jobs for capable people.” The company hires and supports people with disabilities, providing them with rehabilitation services and proper placement to guide them on a successful career path. 

JOI’s Laundry Division is a full-service commercial laundry business that currently processes close to 6 million pounds annually. Its employees are highly trained and take pride in delivering an excellent product to customers. WSD is proud to play a part in the organization’s mission and ongoing success. 

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