Experts in the development of state-of-the-art commercial and industrial laundry facilities since 1974.

For over 100 years, Dexter Laundry has been a leader in the commercial, vended, and on-premise laundry industries, and is especially known for its durable, high efficiency coin-operated laundry equipment. All Dexter Laundry equipment is made in the USA and the company is employee owned. Today, Dexter continues to focus on incorporating the latest technology into their commercial laundry machines, which allows them to operate more efficiently, reducing both time and utility costs. If you are looking to increase profit and customer satisfaction, read on to learn more about Dexter’s Express line of coin operated washing machines.

Dexter offers both an Express and non-Express version of their top rated commercial washing machines. Both series of washers are built using high-quality, commercial grade components, to ensure reliability, efficiency and satisfaction for years to come. Both models also offer an industry-leading 10 year limited parts warranty as well as lifetime technical support. Dexter puts all its commercial washer designs through a 1000 hour out-of-balance test to ensure they’re sufficiently durable to withstand real world abuse over the long-term.

Looking at the Dexter Express and non-Express commercial washing machines, one would have a difficult time differentiating the two.  A small red EXPRESS decal towards the top of the unit is one of the only ways to visually tell these two models apart.

coin-op laundry machine coin-op laundry machine

Both the Dexter Express and non-Express series offer several models that vary in capacity. Non-Express models range from a 20 pound capacity model, their T-300, and go up to the T-1200 model, which has an 80 pound dry weight capacity. Express models start at the same 20 pound capacity, the T-350 Express, but offer up to a 90 pound dry weight capacity in their T-1450 Express washer.  Dimensions of the units are very similar, however the Express models are between 100 – 300 pounds heavier than the comparable non-Express version.

The primary differentiating factor between the Express and non-Express models is the extraction speed.  Express models offer an extraction speed of 200 G-force, where the non-Express models is 100 G-force extract speed. Doubling the extraction speed in the Express models removes more water from the laundry during the wash cycle. This means less dry time is needed, reducing the time needed for customers to complete their laundry and saving on utility costs.

The Dexter Express coin laundry machines are ideal for commercial Laundromat businesses as they save time and energy, helping achieve higher profits. The fact that Dexter laundry equipment is made in the USA and carry one of the best warranties in the industry, means your Dexter Laundry commercial washers and dryers will be running smoothly for years to come. Contact Western State Design today to see which Dexter coin operated washer model best fits your business needs.