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Close-up of ozone wash system

With ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 and other viruses, more and more people are looking to sanitize their clothing and linens. Laundromat owners are responding with fresh new cleaning equipment, such as the ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System. 

Western State Design (WSD) Laundry Specialist Michael Ambrose recently installed this Ozone system for another satisfied laundromat owner.  WSD installed and connected the system to the existing Dexter laundry equipment. We programmed new ozone injection settings for easy operation. The Ozone system is fully wall-mounted, eliminating the need for floor space (and customers think it looks pretty neat, too!).  

The Ozone Laundry System provides an all-natural cleaning process that kills viruses, bacteria, and mold. These are the same systems that are CDC-approved for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, so customers can feel confident that their household linens are clean and sanitized. 

Not only do the ozone wash systems offer benefits that attract new customers, they save money! These efficient systems provide a thorough clean using cold water, so laundromat owners save on utility costs.  

Select cold for Ozone Wash. Sanitizes, deodorizes, cleans.

Implementing an Ozone Laundry System is another way for your vended laundry to stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

Contact a WSD Laundry Specialist today to learn how easy it is to install an Ozone Laundry System in your laundromat.