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With staff shortages and patient surpluses, hospitals across the nation are being stretched thin. Fortunately, WSD was recently able to help one Washington State hospital relieve some of the burden with brand new industrial washers and dryers.

How can laundry equipment help a hospital? While we typically think of doctors and nurses as the backbone of a hospital, it’s important to remember that there is a whole network of support staff and sanitization processes that go into successful hospital operation. Patients need clean bed linens, babies need fresh blankets, and surgeons need sanitized scrubs.


Our team worked with this hospital to replace two 20-year-old Milnor washing machines with two new Milnor 30022V8Z industrial washers. The client wanted to stick with the Milnor brand because of their proven quality and dependability. These high-efficiency programmable machines clean linens quickly and efficiently while saving the laundry attendants time and saving the hospital money.

The client also replaced two undersized dryers with new Dexter T-80 O-Series Dryers. The Dexter dryers feature an industry-leading warranty, reversing cylinders (a critical feature they were previously lacking), an automated moisture detection system, and a stainless-steel exterior option.

Two Dexter commercial dryers in hospital laundry

Both the Milnor Washers and Dexter Dryers provide digital production logs which provide the laundry manager better insight into employee shift productivity. These new state-of-the-art commercial washers and dryers will help the client deliver fresh, sanitary linens while overcoming challenges posed by current labor shortages.


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