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At Dexter Laundry’s annual Conference and Awards Ceremony, held March 14–20, 2018, not far from the ancient heart of The Eternal City of Rome, Western State Design once again received top honors for its prior-year sales performance. The WSD team was recognized with the following awards, presented by Andrew Kretz, President & CEO, Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc., Craig Kirchner, President, and Kevin Hietpas, Director of Sales, Dexter Laundry, Inc.:

    • Chairman’s Award – WSD received this award for the 5th time (4th consecutive year).
    • Distributor of the Year – WSD received this award for the 2nd time (2012).
    • Top Dexter Sales Producer, Worldwide – WSD received this award for the 11th consecutive year.
    • Record-setting 2017 Dexter Laundry equipment sales

“We are pleased not only to be recognized for our ongoing sales achievements, but also to be able to work with such a well-run company staffed with top notch employees,” said Todd Hyrn, WSD Vice President. “Year-in-year-out, Dexter continues to innovate, producing durable, efficient commercial washers and dryers that our customers can depend on to help them achieve business success,” he continued. “Our customers especially appreciate the DexterLive technology that allows them to manage their laundromat operations from anywhere, on any mobile device,” he concluded.

About Western State Design

With over 40 years’ experience as a premier, full-service distributor to the commercial laundry industry, Western State Design has grown to become one of the largest vended and coin operated laundry equipment distributors in North America. Visit WSD online or call toll free at 1-800-633-7153.

About Dexter Laundry

Dexter Laundry, a 124-year-old company, located in Fairfield, Iowa, is an employee owned leading manufacturer of top-rated commercial, vended and coin operated laundry equipment. WSD sells the full line of Dexter Laundry equipment—details available on the WSD website.