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CERRITOS, January 2, 2024 — Western State Design (WSD), a leading distributor of commercial laundry equipment and services, announced its expansion into the multi-housing and hotel guest laundry market. WSD will now provide a full suite of small chassis commercial laundry solutions to apartment buildings, student housing, condos, and hotel properties in southern California. 

With almost 50 years of experience outfitting commercial and industrial laundries, laundromats and other facilities with the latest in commercial washers, dryers and related laundry equipment, WSD is bringing its award-winning distribution, installation and maintenance services to multi-housing and guest laundry operators in Southern California.

“We’re excited to leverage our decades of laundry industry expertise to help multi-housing communities enhance their amenities with upgraded laundry rooms,” said Dominick Guevara, Director of Multi-Housing Sales for WSD. “Our team makes the entire process turnkey – from recommending the right equipment to managing installation and providing ongoing service.”

WSD offers LG Giant C and Titan series washers and dryers to the multi-housing and guest laundry market segment. LG commercial laundry machines are known for their durability, efficiency, and performance. They incorporate key features that make them a preferred option for smaller laundry facilities. The machines are equipped with a variety of payment methods for residents’ and guests’ convenience.

Building and guest laundry operators have the choice between purchasing the laundry equipment outright or entering into a lease or route operator/revenue-sharing agreement with WSD.

WSD’s large team of experienced commercial service technicians will be deployed to keep the community laundry facilities running efficiently with regular maintenance and prompt repairs.  

To learn more about integrating WSD’s commercial laundry solutions and services into your laundry facility, visit:

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Western State Design is a leading provider of commercial laundry equipment, parts, and services, offering a range of solutions deploying state-of-the-art technology to clients in varied industries. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service to their clients. With close to a half-century of experience in the industry, they have built a reputation for excellence in customer service, quality, and sustainability.

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