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With its third location opening in less than six months, Wash N Go in San Diego has proved that by following the “trinity” of coin-op laundry management – clean, bright and safe – along with working with an experienced distributor, the right equipment, amenities and service, success in the coin-op laundry business can be close to a sure thing. In addition to free WiFi, a children’s play area, fluff and fold and drop-off and pick-up service, Wash N Go has employed unique services and offerings to allow them to better cater to customers’ needs and wants, while improving the operation and bottom line of their business.

dexter dryersImproved service at the new Wash N Go coin-op laundromat on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego began by working with WSD’s Steve Erlinger to find the right mix of equipment. The new Dexter Laundry washers and dryers are not only faster and more efficient, but their time-of-day price programming allows owners, Alex Zaydenberg and Robert Legg and their staff, to price machines lower during normally slow periods of the week to drive additional traffic during those times, while evening out demand during the busier parts of the week.laundromat play area

The time-of-day programming works in conjunction with the coin-op laundromat’s Spyderwash System, which allows Zaydenberg and Legg to maintain a customer loyalty program, complete with discounts and rewards for repeat customers, building a long-term success model for Wash N Go. A happy customer is a returning customer and along with the technological conveniences offered by the Dexter coin-op laundry machines, the new Wash N Go also offers free soap to all of their customers, giving their hard-working customers one less thing to worry about in their busy lives.

laundromatThe newest Wash N Go was developed from an existing laundromat location. With the help of Steve Erlinger, Zaydenberg and Legg renovated the spaces with a contemporary, branded design that supports the “clean, bright and safe” model. The new store on El Cajon Boulevard is their largest at 3,300 square feet. To maximize the usage of space, Zaydenberg and Legg filled the store with 24 Dexter 50 Pound Stack Dryers, four Dexter 80 Pound, six Dexter 60 Pound, seven Dexter 40 Pound, ten Dexter 30 Pound, five Dexter 20 Pound washers and four Maytag top load washers. The array of machines gives customers the right amount of capacity for almost any size load.laundromat folding tables

Equipment, amenities and service have allowed all three Wash N Go coin op laundromats to offer improved convenience to its customers and has proven to be a recipe for success for this pair of San Diego businessmen. For more information on Dexter Laundry equipment or starting your own successful coin-op laundry, contact a WSD representative today.

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