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Western State Design facilitated the major upgrade to Sudz Coin Wash of Linda Vista with the installation of 51 new Dexter Laundry machines.

When San Diego businessman Brian Clune purchased Sudz Coin Wash of Linda Vista two years ago he noticed the facility’s four existing Dexter Laundry machines looked brand new even though they were between 8 and 11 years old. “Dexter’s equipment just seemed bulletproof,” Clune said. That’s when he knew he wanted to replace the majority of the machines in the laundry with Dexter Laundry equipment.

So Clune reached out to Western State Design (WSD). Number 1 in worldwide Dexter sales since 2009, WSD assisted Clune with the remodeling and laundry machine upgrades. Clune worked closely with Western State Design representative Steve Erlinger to optimize the laundromat’s capacity and efficiency while also providing increased folding space for the customer. “Steve was great through the entire process of getting me up and running when I first took over the store,” Clune said. “He gave me tons of great advice and was always available anytime I called.”

Ultimately the laundromat added 51 new Dexter laundry machines, including 29 washers and 22 dryers:  seven T-400 C Series Washers, fourteen T-600 C Series Washers, seven T-900 A Series Washers, one T-1200 A Series Washer, fourteen T-30×2 Stack Dryers, and eight T-50×2 Stack Dryers. The store has an additional eight Speed Queen top loaders and eight Wascomat W 74s which Clune will be replacing with Dexter T-300s later this year. Dexter has been manufacturing coin-op laundry equipment for over 100 years in Fairfield, Iowa and is highly regarded for delivering quality equipment that performs quickly, efficiently, and reliably.SUDZ-1031

The number of machines in the facility was lowered, while capacity increased from 1388 pounds to 1558 pounds of laundry. The renovation and changeover to the new configuration of Dexter Laundry machines has led to a 30-percent increase in revenue and a 20-percent reduction in the facility’s water bills. The store has also seen an increase in clients since the remodel.

In addition to the new Dexter Laundry machines that replaced 95% of the stores equipment, Clune renovated the appearance of the laundromat, beginning with a fresh coat of paint and new LED ceiling lights. Clune did much of the hands-on work transforming the appearance of the store himself, which he says turned out to be a great decision. “It not only allowed me to save a ton of money, it also gave me a perfect opportunity to really get to know my customers and create some great relationships,” Clune said.

The laundromat also boasts free Wi-Fi, free phone charging stations, two arcade games featuring classic video games and plenty of outlets for charging laptops. Clune is looking forward to remaining hands-on with the business he developed an unexpected love for. Clune said, “Two years later, I’m still learning something new everyday and am so happy that I didn’t try to run my laundry as a ‘hands-off’ investment.”SUDZ-1030

About Sudz Coin Wash of Linda Vista
Sudz Coin Wash of Linda Vista is a coin-operated laundromat located at 6941 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, California. It is conveniently located one and half miles from the University of San Diego and is close by many restaurants and stores.