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Here’s another interesting Dexter laundromat success story—one of the quickest we’ve seen— that illustrates both the value of a strategic location and a partnership with the right distributor.

Sal Elqura has worked with his father for many years at a liquor store he owns in a shopping center in San Juan Capistrano. He observed that customers regularly asked for quarters; he finally asked why and learned that they were for the coin laundries customers patronized—on the other side of town. They expressed frustration that their ‘local’ laundromats were so far from where they lived and shopped.

Elqura put two-and-two together and realized he had an opportunity to capitalize on this unmet demand. When a space opened up in his father’s building, he immediately started researching what was required to start and operate a successful laundromat. Though he initially considered commercial laundry equipment from another leading manufacturer, he decided upon Dexter Laundry machines based on stellar reviews and his direct observations. Elqura calls the Dexter brand ‘the Bentley of laundry equipment.’

Elqura started working with Steve Erlinger, his local WSD Laundry Specialist who helped him find an experienced and reputable contractor to draw up plans, get permits, and build out the store. WSD’s Erlinger was also instrumental in recommending an optimal Dexter equipment mix for his space and customer base:

(3) Dexter T-300 20 lb Washers

(2) Dexter T-400 30 lb Washers

(6) Dexter T-600 40 lb Washers

(2) Dexter T-900 60 lb Washers

(2) Dexter T-1200 80 lb Washers

(2) Dexter T-50×2 Stack Dryers

(7) Dexter T-30×2 Stack Dryers

(24) Greenwald Medeco Coin Boxes

American Changer AC Front Load Change Maker


With his store up and running, he couldn’t be happier. He’s finding that he CAN run two businesses at the same time, given they’re right next door. And he’s ecstatic that customers who live nearby along with many others from the other side of town are flocking to HIS beautiful new establishment, Lavanderia El Guero.

To learn how we can work with you to launch a successful Dexter Laundromat, contact a WSD Laundry Specialist today. 

Lavanderia El Guero
31401 Camino Capistrano Unit
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
6am - 10pm