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Before Getting into the Laundry Business…

Co-Owner David Stewart was running a small bed-and-breakfast operation, while also building spec homes. His son – the laundry’s other owner, who also is named David – was working as a project engineer for a civil contractor.

Store Opening

Neighborhood Laundry opened on April 4, 2018. The Stewarts also own Main Street Coin Laundry in Santa Paula, which opened March 27, 2012.

Business Hours

Monday through Friday: 5:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday: 5:00 a.m. – 12:30 a.m.


One full-time manager and eight part-time attendants

Total Square Footage

The current square footage is 3,600 square feet. However, the owners are currently planning to double the size of the store to 7,200 square feet.

Parking Availability

Neighborhood Laundry has 24 parking spaces, including one space that is reserved for the disabled.

Lease or Own?

The Stewarts own the building and the property.

The Building

Originally, the building was an industrial laundry facility. However, through the years, the property has had several tenants – serving as, among other things, a storage facility for old arcade games and a car impound lot. The building was vacant when the Stewarts purchased it.

The Renovation Process

From negotiating the purchase of the property to finally opening the doors, the process took approximate two years. The project – including the purchase of the property, improvements and equipment – cost $2.1 million.

Marketplace Demographics

The majority of the store’s customer base consists of migrant agricultural workers, according to the owners.


There are at least five competing stores within a square mile of Neighborhood Laundry.

Payment Options

Coins only

Washers and Dryers

10 Dexter 20-pound frontloaders$2.50
15 Dexter 30-pound frontloaders$3.25
6 Dexter 40-pound frontloaders$4.00
6 Dexter 60-pound frontloaders$4.75
7 Dexter 90-pound frontloaders$7.75
13 Dexter 30-pound stack dryers.25 cents for 10 minutes
14 Dexter 50-pound stack dryers.25 cents for 10 minutes
3 Dexter 80-pound dryers.25 cents for 10 minutes

Water Heating System

Raypak water heating system (600,000 BTUs)

Bill Changers

2 Standard Change-Makers bill changers

Laundry Carts

30 R&B Wire Products laundry carts

Folding Tables

Custom-made granite tables (approximately 75 feet of folding space)


Concrete flooring


Linear pendant lighting

Detergent Vending

1 four-variety, manual push dispenser • All soaps: 75 cents

Beverage/Snack Vending

1 Seaga combination vending machine

  • Drink prices range from 75 cents to $2.00
  • Snack prices range from 50 cents to $2.50


4 55-inch televisions

Children’s Area

The laundromat features a two-story playground area with a rock-climbing wall, a slide, a log roller and more.

Additional Amenities

  • Free coffee
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Free detergent promotions
  • Free dry promotions

Wash-Dry-Fold Service

$1.25 per pound; 10-pound minimum order

Michael Ambrose, a WSD laundry specialist, has been working with the Stewarts to specify and supply the Dexter commercial laundry equipment to best meet the needs of their laundry business. To learn how WSD can assist with the development of your laundromat, contact one of our experts today.