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Hotels love Milnor commercial laundry equipment, and for good reason. Milnor industrial washers and dryers feature time- and money-saving technology, and they’re built to last. We recently worked with three different hotel clients with the same goal: optimize on-premise laundry operations. In each scenario, Milnor washer-extractors were the obvious choice.

First, we partnered with our fellow EVI Industries company, TLC Tri-State Laundry, to help a busy hotel in Virginia. The hotel was struggling with its existing well-known name-brand washers that couldn’t keep up with their laundry needs.

We installed new Milnor 30015 T6X washers that feature larger perforated cylinders for unmatched wash quality, rinsing, extraction, and overall productivity. They were able to thoroughly clean the hotel’s sheets, towels, and other linens while saving time and money.

Two commercial washing machines
Commercial washer and dryer

Next, we helped another hotel whose [other brand] washing machine was not functioning correctly. The existing machine was only 12 years old but had reached the end of its useful life.

The hotel wanted to be sure their new machine would last for the long haul, so we installed a 60-lb. Milnor commercial washing machine. With patented RinSave® technology, this unit saves water, energy, and time. Most importantly, it’s built to last.

Finally, we updated a third hotel’s on-premise laundry with state-of-the-art Milnor washers. This customer’s laundry room was running Milnor washing machines that were over 25 years old – and still working perfectly!

The hotel wanted newer machines with modern water- and energy-saving features, and they obviously chose Milnor equipment for its proven durability. We swapped their old Milnor washing machines with the brand-new Milnor 30015 VRJ. This model also features advanced programmability to save time and money and improve laundry operations.

Two commercial washing machines

With a huge volume of linens to launder on a daily basis, hotel laundries are some of the harshest laundry environments. Milnor commercial laundry equipment is up for the job and built to last.

Want laundry equipment that you can count on for the long haul? Contact a WSD Laundry Specialist today to discuss ways to improve productivity in your hotel’s on-premise laundry.