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Recently, the Dominican Sisters decided to replace the Milnor commercial washing machines they had been operating for nearly 40 years at their historic mission in San Jose. What did they replace them with? New Milnor washing machines, of course.

The Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose are part of an 800 year-old order founded by St. Dominic, which world-wide includes 176,000 Dominican brothers, sisters and lay leaders, friars and nuns serving in 116 countries. They inhabit and operate a beautiful residential campus in Fremont, California, known as the ‘Motherhouse’, which serves the community in various ways.  They honor the beauty of their Motherhouse by caring for creation in environmentally sustainable practices and operations, including renewable energy and conservation.

When it came time for the Mission to replace its workhorse Milnor System 4 commercial washers that served reliably for so many years, they focused on finding energy-efficient machines that would also save water. Happily, Milnor, which has continued to manufacture state-of-the-art energy efficient commercial laundry equipment at its headquarters in Louisiana, had the perfect replacement models.Milnor Washer-Extractors Model 30022VRJ

The new Milnor 30022VRJ 60 lb. washer-extractors, supplied by leading commercial laundry equipment supplier, Western State Design (WSD), feature:

  • RinSave Water Saver – with the innovative RinSave feature, a rinse bath or two may be eliminated, reducing water consumption by up to 0.4 gallons per pound of linen washed.
  • Innovative Basket Design – Milnor’s tall rib construction and precise cylinder speeds combine to provide excellent Mechanical Action Factor (MAF), ensuring linens get clean the first time, reducing time-consuming and costly rewashes.
  • 200G force extraction speed – remove excess moisture and reduce time and energy needed for drying linens.
  • Additional energy-efficient features – lower utility costs and enable long-term savings over the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Durability and reliability – Milnor laundry equipment is built to last (as evidenced by the 40 year service of the Mission’s earlier model Milnor washers).

James Cline, a WSD Laundry Specialist, worked closely with Mike Horton, the Mission’s Director of Engineering, from the very beginning, providing guidance on the right replacement washers, through installation, start up, and staff training.   

“We’re thrilled to have had the same Milnor washers in our facility for almost 40 years, our partnership with Western State Design has been a tremendous asset to our facility’s daily washing of linen. We decided to replace with new, more efficient washers as we look forward to having the RinSave feature of Milnor and doing our part to help conserve water,” said Horton.

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