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Northern Quest Resort & Casino’s Curtis Bash worked with Rick Hall of Western State Design to build an on-premise hotel laundry to better serve the resort. Located outside of Spokane, WA, the Kalispel Tribe owned and operated resort and casino installed its on-premise laundry facilities to improve the quality and care of their linens. After outsourcing the laundry services for years, the business decided the only way to maintain the quality they expect is to manage the operation in house.

Curtis Bash, Laundry Manager at Northern Quest Resort & Casino (NQRC), said they decided to add an on-premise laundry in order to have more control over the process while minimizing damage and long wait times. NQRC is the only AAA rated four-diamond casino resort in the inland Northwest Region and outsourcing failed to meet their strict standards. Among the many amenities offered, NQRC provides spa services, 250 well-appointed rooms, 14 restaurants and lounges, and more.Milnor Washer-Extractors

With laundry done on-site, the quality of the luxury linens can be monitored and cared for more conscientiously. Bash specifically chose to work with Western State Design not only because of their experience in planning laundries and outfitting businesses, but because he truly valued the local support offered for maintenance and other assistance.

After connecting with area sales representative, Rick Hall, from WSD, Bash maintains the process advanced smoothly and the relationship has been strong from the onset. Whether he has to call sales for assistance or the service and parts department for maintenance or questions, the helpful staff is what instills in Bash the confidence that he made the right decision. When managing a large laundry facility, personal support for maintenance and questions about equipment is essential to keeping everything up and running.

Milnor DryersBash also required the high quality equipment offered by WSD, which includes Chicago Dryer Co. and Milnor commercial laundry machines. Milnor washer-extractors and dryers are energy efficient, have shorter cycle times and integrated high, perforated ribs, without bolts to prevent fabric from tearing. Chicago Dryer Company specializes in flatwork finishing, and the company designs and fabricates their own equipment to maintain quality and results. With more than 100 years of building machines specifically for flatwork, they are the leader by far. Both brands are energy efficient and design machines to minimize environmental impact while saving money.Chicago Dryer Finishing Equipment

With a motto that says, “Life is too short for low thread count,” and an investment in exclusive bedding from Northwest Bedding, it’s no wonder NQRC decided to move its operation in house. Clean and high quality linens are very important to a comfortable and enjoyable stay at a resort and the Northern Quest provides guests a pillow-top mattress, plush duvets and 350-thread count sheets. With soft and luxurious linens in hundreds of rooms, cleaning and maintaining their quality, while minimizing damage is a top priority.

Northern Quest Resort & Casino is located just 10 minutes west of downtown Spokane and only 5 minutes from Spokane International Airport. As the only tribally-owned AAA Four Diamond resort in the Inland Northwest and one of 28 lodgings in the entire state to receive this recognition, Northern Quest welcomes visitors with a contemporary urban setting and 250 luxurious guest rooms and suites. To learn more, visit


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