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Capitalizing on its success in the coin operated laundry business over the past five years, the popular Wash N Go Laundry chain in San Diego recently opened its fifth laundromat—this one at 1489 East Plaza Boulevard in National City—to an enthusiastic welcome from the local community. The owners of Wash N Go Laundry, Robert and Alex, sum up their thoughts/philosophy about the coin op laundry business nicely on their website:

“Our philosophy is to bring a clean, modern look and feel to an industry and business known for neglecting its environment, appearance, and equipment with little-to-no customer service. For us ‘It’s all in the details.’ We wanted to create an environment where people feel like they can make use of their time, catch the game, surf the web, and even converse with one another in a comfortable setting.”

Help from a Western State Design Laundry Expert

This attitude along with their attention to detail and focus on customer service, has undoubtedly contributed to Wash N Go’s success. In addition, along the way, they made the wise decision to seek out an experienced laundry expert—Steve Erlinger of Western State Design—who helped them avoid common mistakes and choose the optimum mix of high efficiency commercial laundry equipment among other things.

Beautiful interior of Wash N Go Laundromat - National City, CABeautiful Laundromat Design

For this latest store, Robert and Alex took a similar approach to their other coin laundry retail locations: they purchased an older, run-down laundromat in an area with high density residential housing which they completely renovated. All of their stores feature high, open ceilings, attractive modern lighting with cheerful, vibrant colors. What’s more, beautiful murals and photos make the customers feel as though they’re in an upscale coffee shop rather than a laundromat.

Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment

What really attracts customers and makes this newest laundromat stand out from the competition is its reliable, high performance Dexter commercial washers and dryers. Not only are the machines attractive, easy to use and problem-free, they are fast and efficient, allowing customers to get in and out in a minimum amount of time.

One especially noteworthy feature of this store is the large quantity and size of its dryers. The owners choose a full complement of high capacity dryers so customers never have to wait for dryers to become available—a common frustration in old-style laundromats. And, the choice of Dexter Stack dryers has allowed this Wash N Go to maximize its drying capacity in half the space it would otherwise need.

Here’s the full list of the commercial laundry equipment in this 3,300 square foot Wash N Go:

The laundry machines are equipped with Spyderwash card readers which give customers the option to pay with credit cards, cash or loyalty cards which offer promotional benefits such as discounts on future washes.

Superior Customer Service and Amenities

This newest coin op, similar to the other Wash N Go Laundries in the area chain, features useful amenities to make customers feel comfortable while they’re waiting for their wash, including:

  • Complimentary soap and Wi-FiWash N Go Laundry - Welcoming Entryway
  • Friendly customer service attendants on duty 12 hours/day
  • Large screen TVs
  • Sirius XM Radio
  • Drop-off Fluff & Fold Services

Building a Laundromat Brand

Today, you can find a Wash N Go coin operated laundry in different neighborhoods throughout the greater San Diego area. Thanks to the careful efforts of the chain’s owners, the name has become synonymous with a pleasant, high quality laundry experience—which will keep customers coming back. Following is a list of all the current Wash N Go locations:

  • 2885 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego
  • 4712 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego
  • 6931 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego
  • 220 Euclid Ave., San Diego
  • 1489 East Plaza Blvd., National City

To learn more about Western State Design or Dexter Laundry equipment, please contact a WSD Laundry Specialist today.

Wash N Go Laundry - Exterior