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Three laundromats in California’s wine country hosted a Free Laundry Day on October 30, 2017 to help victims of the devastating wildfires in the region, with support from WSD, Dexter Laundry and the LaundryCares Foundation, the 501(c)3 charity of the Coin Laundry Association (CLA). The laundromat owners wanted to give back the the communities that support their businesses by welcoming residents and providing free access to their commercial laundry equipment.

Wildfires Remaining Structure - Free Laundry Day

Remains of Structure

Wildfires Aftermath - Free Laundry Day

Aftermath of the Wildfires

“We figured we could provide a tiny bit of comfort to those who lost their homes and most of their possessions,” explained Karin Seder, co-owner of Wash World in Santa Rosa, one of the host laundromats.Wash World was busy on Free Laundry Day

“Each person who came in on Monday was cheered by the fact we were offering free laundry and some were moved to tears,” she continued.

“It was a wonderful experience helping our neighbors move just a tiny step closer to getting their lives back to normal,” she added.

Karin provided additional details about the event:

“We started 860 washers and dryers in 8 hours and offered free laundry service for any patron who walked through the door. Customers ranged from those with only a small bag of donated clothing—all they had in their life right now—to customers whose homes escaped the fire, but who needed to wash away the smoke and ash from everything inside their homes.

The stories were amazing and heartbreaking, but everyone had a positive attitude. Everyone was happy to talk and share their experience. Most were looking forward to rebuilding, saying they couldn’t imagine leaving a community that cares as much as Santa Rosa does.”

Following are the laundromats that participated in this event:

Wash World Proprietors - Free Laundry Day

Karin & Brad Seder, Wash World


Santa Rosa, CA




Sonoma, CA




Napa, CA



WSD and Dexter Laundry were proud to sponsor this important event to enable our laundromat customers to give back to their communities in their time of need. For additional information about us, please visit


California vineyard - Free Laundry Day

Vineyard Spared from the Fires