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Cory McClosky of Fox News Phoenix recently visited the laundry facilities at the Arizona Diamondbacks Chase Field to see just how those uniforms get so clean. What did he find? He found Dexter laundry equipment. Thanks to WSD’s own Scott Harrington, who worked with the Arizona Diamondbacks’ chemical representative, Dexter equipment now lives in both the home and visitor’s clubhouse laundries.  Baseball stains require special chemicals to target grass, red clay, blood, etc. without harming the fabric and the chemical representative develops the wash formulas. The wash chemicals work with the programmable commercial laundry equipment to produce optimal results by automatically injecting the chemicals and adjusting cycle times.

This sale was the result of investing time and an excellent working relationship with the chemical representative. The representative has an established relationship with the Diamondback’s organization as well as several other major league baseball organizations that train in Maricopa County.  They introduced Scott to the Diamondbacks’ facilities management team when they were looking for laundry equipment for their spring training facilities.  After proving success there, when the existing laundry equipment (a competitor’s) was failing at Chase field, the organization turned to WSD’s Scott Harrington and Dexter machines.

In addition to the laundry facilities for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Scott Harrington while working closely with the chemical representative, also outfitted the laundries in spring training facilities for the Cincinnati Reds, the Colorado Rockies and the Cleveland Indians.

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