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In celebration of the Fairmont San Jose hotel’s newly renovated on-premise hotel laundry, the hotel’s leadership hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 21, 2013, complete with a special cake – a delicious model of one of the new Milnor washer-extractors. Attending the ribbon cutting were the Fairmont’s General Manager, Kelley Cosgrove, Executive Laundry Manager, Jason Lustbader, and Chief Engineer, Larry Wick, along with the hotel’s laundry staff and representatives from the commercial laundry experts, Western State Design (WSD). To cap off the celebration, the hotel’s pastry chef surprised guests with a cake for the ceremony, which was a detailed replica of one of the Milnor commercial washers installed in the project. 

The celebration came at the end of a two-phase project that began in September 2012 and is designed to cut costs and energy usage for the 800 room, four-star resort hotel, and deliver a better quality product to its guests. As part of their commitment to quality, the Fairmont surveys guests and their associates regularly to determine customer satisfaction and how their departments are operating. Listening to the feedback helped the hotel decide to capitalize for new laundry equipment for the benefit of the employees and to provide the best service available for their guests.

WSD - Milnor on premise hotel laundryThe latest phase of the Fairmont’s on-premise hotel laundry renovation began in May 2013 when the hotel awarded Western State Design, the leading Milnor distributor in the western United States, the contract for installing new washer-extractors. WSD worked diligently with hotel management to select the most efficient on-premise laundry equipment available. In total, five new commercial washer extractors were installed, including two Milnor 48040F7B 275 lb capacity Washer-Extractors, two Milnor 36026X8J 100 lb capacity Washer-Extractors, and one Milnor 30022X8J 60 lb capacity Washer Extractor, plus a Clean Cycle DLF‐515 Lint Filter. The new state-of-the-art Milnor washer-extractors will reduce utility costs for the Fairmont San Jose with faster wash times and will help its laundry staff with ergonomically beneficial design.

The installation process involved first disconnecting and removing the existing laundry equipment. In addition to completing the installation of the new on-premise laundry equipment, WSD also provided professional mechanical engineering, modified interior access,  assembled and completed the turn-key installation of the new laundry equipment.

Consulting on the project was Pertl & Alexander, LLC, a New York firm that specializes in laundry, housekeeping, textile and valet consulting services. Pertl & Alexander developed the Request For Quotation for the new commercial laundry machines, from which WSD was chosen as the lowest, responsible bidder.

WSD’s relationship with Fairmont began in September 2012, when WSD was awarded the contract to supply, install, and commission new flatwork finishing equipment from Chicago Dryer Company. The new equipment included a full Chicago flatwork finishing system consisting of Chicago King Edge Vac CT, Century 2-roll 5200 CT Steam Ironer, Skyline S-16 CT Folder, and Stacker with the latest CHI-Touch technology.

In both project phases, state-of-the-art Milnor and Chicago Dryer Company equipment was selected to maximize production while minimizing environmental impact and operating costs.

Western State Design has provided innovative laundry solutions to meet clients’ demands since 1974, providing design and construction services, commercial washer and dryer sales, parts and service. WSD brings worldwide expertise to its customers, with clients and projects throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. WSD’s total solution approach has enabled them to become one of the world’s largest companies in the laundry industry.

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