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Fraiday's Coin Laundry-Western State Design Client

Before Getting into the Laundry Business…

Fraire continues to work as a corrections officer.

Store Opening

June 20, 2020

Business Hours

5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily


Fraiday’s Coin laundry is a family-operated business.

Total Square Footage

1,320 square feet

Parking Availability

The store has more than 20 parking spaces.

Lease or Own?

The business is on a 10-year-lease, with two additional five-year options.

The Building

The facility had been an existing laundromat. However, it had been closed for about six months when Fraire purchased it and had fallen into a state of disrepair.

The Renovation Process

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the renovation and retooling of the former laundromat took five months to complete. The project cost approximately $255,000.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Store’s Opening

“The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the shipment of equipment,” Fraire explained. “In addition, local government offices were closed, which held up permits and inspections.

My work crew and installation staff was reduced by half. All in all, the pandemic delayed my grand opening, as well as my advertising and marketing plan.

“Despite not being able to open on time, I still had to pay my rent and my utility bills. In addition, I didn’t qualify for any COVID-19 assistance, due to the fact that I was a brand new business.”

What Would You Do Differently?

“I would focus on some of the small things that matter to the customers,” Fraire said. “For example, I was preoccupied with big issues like my equipment and its installation, and I overlooked some smaller details — such as setting up my vending machines, having enough trash cans and having ample seating for my customers.”

Turns Per Day


Marketplace Demographics

The laundromat is located in a heavily Hispanic working-class community.


There are currently five other laundromats within the marketplace.

Payment Options

Coins only

Washers and Dryers

4 Dexter 20-pound frontloaders
5 Dexter 30-pound frontloaders
6 Dexter 40-pound frontloaders
4 Dexter 60-pound frontloaders
2 Dexter 80-pound frontloaders
2 Dexter 30-pound stack dryers
7 Dexter 50-pound reversing stack dryers

Bill Changers

1 American Changer AC2002 bill changer


LED Lighting

Laundry-Related Vending

1 Vend-Rite Manufacturing detergent vending machine

Beverage and Snack Vending

1 combination beverage/snack vending machine


2 Smart TVs


WSD NOTE: Michael Ambrose, a WSD laundry specialist, has been working with Edgar Fraire to specify and supply the Dexter commercial laundry equipment to best meet the needs of his laundry business. To learn how WSD can assist with the development of your laundromat, contact one of our experts today.