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dexter laundry electronic pressure sensor kit

With extreme on going drought conditions in the Western United States and continued water restrictions, vended laundry owners are seeking ways to help meet crucial water conservation goals. We are pleased to announce that Dexter Laundry’s new state-of-the-art electronic pressure sensors are now available as replacement kits to provide improved water conservation, as well as significant water utility savings at your coin-op laundry facility. The upgrade kits help increase water conservation by offering flexible, fine-tuned water level options in Dexter vended washing machines.

The replacement kits are available for all existing Dexter Laundry washing machines manufactured with the prior mechanical sensor. Dexter recently announced that the new sensors come included within all vended C-series washers manufactured as of September 2, 2015.

The replacement kits offer 40 different water level settings available in quarter-inch increments. With improved efficiency, the electronic sensor kits provide increased water conservation while decreasing water utility expenses. For example, a C-series’ T-350 model washer can save 13,724 gallons annually when the existing mechanical pressure sensor is replaced with the new electronic pressure sensor. For an owner with laundry facilities based in Los Angeles, this means $193 in annual savings for that machine.

The kits are a user-friendly way to adjust water levels and ensure more consistent water levels from machine to machine. Dexter is also pursuing Energy Star® certification on all applicable models.

The replacement kits are available for $116.97 for all V, A and C-series vended washers. The kits may be used for needed service repairs or as Dexter washing machine upgrades.

To find out more about the electronic sensor replacement kits, please contact a Western State Design Parts Specialist at 800-633-7153.

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