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If you were one of the many people watching the San Francisco Giants play the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on TV last week, you might have seen a commercial for a Comcast’s XFINITY TV during the baseball game, featuring a cameo appearance of gleaming, state-of-the-art Dexter Laundry Machines. The service—TV Everywhere™— advertised in the commercial, allows viewers to watch their favorite TV programs wherever they happen to be, even in a laundromat waiting for the wash to finish.

The coin laundry featured in the ad, Desi’s Coin Laundry in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles, happens to be a popular place, regardless of the availability of internet TV. It offers other amenities as well, including ample free parking, customer attendants, and Fluff-and-Fold service, to name a few.

But, what makes this Coin Op Laundry really stand out is its state state-of-the-art commercial washers and dryers that allow customers to do all manner of wash—including bulky items—quickly and easily. Desi’s extensive inventory of top-rated laundry equipment is made by USA-based Dexter Laundry and supplied by local distributor, Western State Design (WSD). Not only are the rugged, stainless steel Dexter Laundry machines reliable, energy-efficient, and attractive, they’re designed to be user-friendly and ergonomic.

The 3600 square foot Coin Op operates the following Dexter Laundry equipment:

That’s a lot of laundry capacity to serve customers’ needs. If online reviews are any indication, customers are pleased because they have their choice of machines without having to wait.

The Dexter Laundry equipment’s high efficiency makes it popular with both end-users and coin operators alike. The Express line’s powerful 200 g extraction force means the laundry retains less water and dries faster, significantly shortening dry times. That means customers can complete their laundry in less time and get on with their busy lives. At the same time, it means the coin operator is using less gas and electricity which has a direct effect on the bottom line.

So, while you may not have noticed the beautiful Dexter Laundry machines on TV, we hope you appreciate the important function they serve in many people’s everyday life. Everyone has to do laundry. If you would like to learn more, please contact your local WSD Laundry Specialist.