Experts in the development of state-of-the-art commercial and industrial laundry facilities since 1974.

Scott and Ryan Overholtzer know a lot about the laundromat business. Not only have they been designing, building, and remodeling coin laundries for about 25 years, they have also owned and operated a few of their own along the way. They learned the ropes at the young age of 15 when they began working alongside their father, a general contractor who started building and remodeling laundries in 1980. Scott helped his father with architectural plan design, city plan submissions, and bid proposals, while Ryan focused on the construction end of the business.

The brothers’ extensive experience in the industry puts them in a unique position to understand what does and doesn’t work in today’s laundromats. In particular, they believe it’s time to do away with the standard, cookie cutter laundromat design that has been around since…forever. They have made it their mission to revolutionize the laundry industry with new, innovative design ideas, to attract and retain customers.

As Scott explains, “Times have changed, and in order to maximize profits, laundries need to change with the times.”

Scott and Ryan build and remodel laundries that are not only state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency, they are technologically advanced in all other areas as well. They feature sleek, modern interior designs that are both esthetically pleasing as well as highly functional.

LaundryMax: Modern Form and Function

Nowhere is this more evident than in their latest remodel, LaundryMax—which they also happen to own. LaundryMax is a strikingly welcoming and attractive modern space featuring designer lighting, bright mixed media walls, interesting porcelain floors, and gleaming state-of-the-art Dexter Laundry equipment including:

LaundryMax laundromat interior: gleaming row of Dexter washers

For many years now, the brothers have chosen and recommended Dexter commercial washers and dryers for the laundries they’ve developed because they’re reliable, durable, attractive, and customers love them.

“We like working with Dexter because our number one priority when building a laundry is to build it with quality that lasts, and we feel that Dexter Equipment is the core to everything. Over the years, we have built laundries for clients with almost every brand of laundry equipment on the market, so we see the difference you get with Dexter. It’s not just the quality and design of the equipment, but the company as a whole is great to work with. That’s also the reason we choose Dexter equipment for our own laundries,” explained Ryan.

LaundryMax also offers all modern amenities for customer convenience, including:

LaundryMax laundromat underlit folding tables
  • Free WiFi
  • USB charging stations
  • Card and coin ready washers and dryers
  • Change and vending machines
  • Plentiful parking
  • Comfortable seating
  • Laundry carts
  • Plenty of strategically placed folding space
  • Modern Bathroom

Remote Control Via Network

What really distinguishes LaundryMax—apart from the stunning modern design, top-rated laundry equipment and amenities—is its underlying state-of-the-art technology that allows the brothers to control just about everything in the laundromat via an app on their phones. The app gives them control—whether they’re on premise or remote—over the following:

  • Lighting
  • Security cameras
  • Locking and opening doors
  • Climate control system
  • Water flow in the sink
  • USB charging outlets (can disable them to discourage non-customer use)
  • Turning on/off the misting device installed outside the storefront to discourage loiterers
LaundryMax laundromat interior vending machines

Located on a busy intersection in densely populated Norwalk, CA, LaundryMax recently opened its doors to rave reviews from local customers. Customers are thrilled with the decor, laundry equipment, amenities, service, and how spotless LaundryMax is. They also love the pricing.

Ryan and Scott are very pleased with how LaundyMax turned out and are delighted that it’s already attracted many new customers. They credit some of their success to their local Dexter distributor, Western State Design and WSD Laundry Specialist, Steve Erlinger who worked with them on this project. They have worked with WSD on a couple of other successful laundromats as well including Olas Express Laundry in Ventura and Wash on Western in Hollywood.

“Over the years, we have partnered with Western State Design to build several laundries for their clients. We enjoy working with them because we see that customer service truly matters to them. They also offer full service parts sales.

Western State Design goes above and beyond to assure that their clients are making the best investment possible, with the best laundry equipment to accommodate the specific needs of their location. They are always there to help their clients make an investment that will profit to its maximum potential. Western State Design stands behind their equipment, as well as their customers and that is what makes them different from the other laundry equipment distributors out there,” concludes Scott.

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