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Owning a Laundromat

Small business entrepreneurs have long been attracted to the coin laundry business for good reason. It is estimated there are 35,000 coin laundromats in the U.S., generating approximately $5 billion dollars in gross revenue each year. A common industry refrain is that the coin laundry business is ‘recession-resistant’ since there will always be a need for clean laundry. 

The key to successfully owning a vended laundry is choosing the right location, negotiating a manageable long-term lease, upgrading the space to attractive, safe, modern standards, installing efficient, state-of-the art card and/or coin operated washers and dryers, and marketing it effectively using social media. But that’s not all. You also have to offer the right mix of amenities and value-added services in order to compete in a crowded marketplace. Our Laundry Specialists can help you get a headstart, avoiding common industry pitfalls. Following are some profiles of successful coin laundry customers with whom we have worked.

A Look at Tomorrow’s Laundromat Industry

A Look at Tomorrow’s Laundromat Industry

Veteran store owner John Henderson is not normally at a loss for words, especially when it comes to talking about the laundromat industry – one in which his family-operated chain has thrived for many years. But, then again, these aren’t normal times. “I don’t have a... Read more