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Western State Design recently supplied its longtime customer, Central Washington Hospital, with a Milnor 170-pound soft mount washer extractor to replace an existing IPSO 100-pound machine in their on-premise laundry. This project was spearheaded by Rick Hall, local WSD Laundry Specialist working with the hospital’s Laundry Manager, Paige Demott.

Central Washington Hospital is located in Wenatchee, ‘the Apple Capital of the world’ — a three-hour drive from Seattle. The busy on-premise laundry runs six days a week, processing 45,452 pounds of laundry per week or 2,363,496 pounds per year. The new Milnor MWF77Z7 will be considerably more efficient than the machine it’s replacing.

WSD and Rick Hall have a long, successful history with this client. Hall and Demott started working together about 18 years ago when Demott first started working at the hospital running the laundry operation. Over the years, WSD has supplied the hospital with a number of Milnor washers and dryers, as well as Chicago Dryer ironers.

Milnor Dryers - Central Washington Hospital On-Premise Laundry

Demott says she’s very pleased to add the new high efficiency Milnor washer to their equipment mix. They’ve found the Milnor machines to be very dependable and reliable with minimal issues. When they have had questions, she says that Rick and the WSD team have always provided prompt, top-notch customer service.

“I know I can reach out to Rick Hall and WSD for assistance at any time for anything we need, including laundry replacement parts,” said Demott. “Not only is Rick Hall very attentive, he’s thoroughly familiar with our operations and space considerations, so I trust his recommendations,” she continued.

The new machine was originally scheduled to be delivered in April but was delayed due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Rick Hall went out of his way to provide delivery status updates, so we weren’t left hanging,” said Demott. “I don’t know of too many other vendors that provide that level of service,” she added.

Demott is still marveling about how fast and efficient the installation process was. She explained that the team arrived at 7 am and was finished by 9:30 am. In the two-and-one-half hours they were there, they removed the IPSO washer, moved the adjacent washer over 6 inches to make room for the new Milnor, regrouted the floor and cleaned everything up so you wouldn’t even know they had been there.

Demott admits to holding her breath as they brought the new machine in through the doorway on a forklift — but says it fit with a quarter-inch to spare!

“It was a very professional and impressive installation,” Demott concluded.

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Chicago Dryer Cross Folder - Central Washington Hospital On-Premise Laundry
Chicago Dryer Ironer - Central Washington Hospital On-Premise Laundry