Experts in the development of state-of-the-art commercial and industrial laundry facilities since 1974.

Western State Design is a longtime proud distributor of Dexter Laundry commercial equipment, preferred by laundromat operators for its durability, reliability, and appearance. The commercial laundry machine manufacturer has been around for more than a century: In fact, Dexter Laundry is celebrating 130 years of business in 2024. 

Laundromat operators who partner with Dexter Laundry can see firsthand how the company’s established legacy and commitment to innovation and excellence correspond with greater customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and higher profits. Read on to learn more about how the employee-owned company’s 130 years of business can benefit you as a laundromat owner.

Benefits of Dexter Laundry’s 130 Years of Experience

From the start, Dexter Laundry has prided itself on quality equipment and exceptional service. Its durable, attractive, and innovative washers and dryers help commercial laundry operators attract and retain customers, which leads to increased profitability in the long run. Here are some of the perks of partnering with a company who has 13 decades in business under its belt: 

  • Superior Reliability & Durability — Superior materials and innovative engineering make Dexter washers and dryers some of the most reliable, durable options on the market, so commercial laundry operators face reduced downtime and fewer necessary repairs. Modern Dexter machines evolved from the company’s original tub washers, and while the technology and designs have changed over the past century, the company’s approach to design, engineering, and production have not. Today, Dexter Laundry is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Intertek, a reflection of its commitment to quality control. 
  • Convenient, User-Friendly Technology – Innovative tech features, including DexterLive and Dexter Pay, keep tech-savvy customers coming back to facilities equipped with Dexter machines. From its hand-powered wooden washers to the technologically and mechanically advanced equipment it manufactures today, Dexter’s machines have consistently demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to engineering, design, and production.
  • Exceptional Service – Service has always been a key value for Dexter Laundry, and that remains true in the 21st century. Dexter commercial washers and dryers come with lifetime technical support and industry-leading warranties, so you can remain confident in your investment for years to come.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability – Commercial laundry operators can be confident that Dexter will continue to adapt to a changing business landscape, providing solutions and services that contribute to success, even in challenging environments. Like a prized racehorse galloping through a muddy track, Dexter has consistently persevered through industry ups and downs. To adapt to changing customer needs during the Depression, the company introduced custom payment plans and new, lower priced models. That same flexibility allowed Dexter to stay in business during WWII, when it shifted to manufacturing defense equipment and washers for American soldiers. 

About Dexter Laundry

Dexter was founded in the eponymous Iowa town in 1894; the company and the town both drew their name from a championship race horse known for its performance and appearance. Originally founded as a manufacturer of wooden hand-powered washers, Dexter remained at the forefront of laundry industry innovation over the next several decades, introducing single and twin-tub wringer washers made from zinc, copper, and porcelain, as well as top- and front-load home and commercial laundry equipment. Eventually, Dexter restructured its product offerings to focus on the equipment for which it’s now known: commercial washers and dryers.

Every USA-made Dexter washer or dryer is engineered, designed, and manufactured in Fairfield, Iowa, where the company has been headquartered for more than a hundred years. The company’s washers, dryers, and management systems are used across the globe—including in the western US, in partnership with Western State Design. Contact us today to learn how Dexter Laundry equipment can benefit your business now and moving forward.